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10 Quirky Health Tips That Actually Work

Health Tips That Work

We all want to live healthily. A healthy lifestyle is a long-term commitment. We list down below the 10 unusual but useful health tips on how to prevent illnesses, how to cure some of them, and keep your mind and your body healthy.

Health Tips That Actually Work

The infographic above is a summary of the article, if you want to know the details and our opinion kindly read the entire article. Here are the unconventional ways to take care of yourself and your health.

1. Sleepaway pain

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A nap during the day resets your brain, lessening how you feel and perceive pain. Close the curtains, shut off the mobile phone, and tell yourself that you’ll wake up in half an hour feeling better. Sleep in and of itself is healing.

Sometimes I stay away from paracetamol and other pain reliever and just take a nap until the pain is gone. Not only did I save money but also I go all-natural. Plus napping is really good and satisfying.

2. Stretch before bed for better sleep

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Mild and gentle stretching for 10 to 15 minutes right before bedtime relieves muscle tension. Start by stretching your feet, then calves, then thighs. Work your way up to your neck. Stretch your arms too. Stretching also signals your brain to start producing serotonin to calm you down. Then slide between crisp cool bed sheets for a night of deep sleep.

Stretching is not just for pre-exercise routine. I find it satisfying when I stretch my body before I sleep, the gentle cracking sounds of my bones being stretched is satisfying to me, and it feels terrific.

3. Detox your body with smoothies

Smoothies and juices work because it is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.

I admit I joined the trend of juicing fruits and vegetables and it changed my life. My favorite is a mix of mangoes, berries, bananas, some milk, and chia seeds. It is yummy I am telling you!

4. Soak away your troubles in the bathtub with this combo

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Combine 1 cup of Epsom salts, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1 cup of sea salt. Add 1/2 cup to your bathtub as it’s filling with hot water. Put a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil. Citrus is energizing. Peppermint reduces anxiety. Lavender is relaxing. Eucalyptus opens up nasal passages. Rose oil is romantic. Sit and relax and feel those worries and troubles go down the drain.

Yes this tip is really satisfying I have tried it at home and it felt like I am in an expensive spa. It relaxes the body. May I suggest to use scented candles too for more relaxing effects?

5. Turmeric has lots of uses

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Turmeric calms inflammation, and that helps your gall bladder from becoming swollen. The tiny ducts open up and let any developing gall stones painlessly passing through. Turmeric can be bought in the spice section aisle of your grocery store. It’s also can be found in the vitamin and supplement section. Start with ¼ teaspoon or one capsule.

This is not new to me since I already saw a YouTube video of my favorite Vietnamese Influencer using turmeric to have better health, Mind you she swallowed a 1 teaspoon powder turmeric. If I have the courage to do this I will try it myself.

6. Boost your mood with flowers

health tips for women

The scent and sight of flowers can brighten your mood, and it’s not just a myth. Studies back it up. So reward yourself with a bouquet next time you’re shopping.

Yes, I totally agree with this, since the Pandemic began I got into gardening and flowers are my favorite plants. I have roses, lilies, hibiscus, and many more. I cut them when I have enough, put them in a base and display it all over the house.

7. Cut mid-afternoon slow down with popcorn

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Popcorn is high in fiber, low in calories, and inexpensive. Select the low-fat kind or use an air popper. Add in some rich flavors such as a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, a dash of cayenne pepper, or if you have a sweet tooth, a dusting of brown sugar and cinnamon. Pack a zip lock bag of popcorn to take with you to work or school.

Yes, you read it right. Popcorn is healthy and I am happy to know that especially when it is one of my favorite snacks. I am a simple person I choose plain popcorn the one with just salt and butter. This may be my favorite tip on our list.

8. Reduce stress with these foods

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Sometimes life can be challenging so destress with these foods. Soybeans contain tryptophan, a calming amino acid also found in turkey. Make the beans into a dip for sandwiches or veggies. Orange has lots of vitamin C, which boosts your immune system but also lowers inflammation. Lean beef has zinc, another mineral that boosts your immune system. Finally, there’s the standby of dark chocolate, the darker, the better.

I am so happy to know that eating turkey and beef can help me with my stress. I can it those in a sandwich or paired with mashed potatoes, It is so tasty and healthy! I am not surprised that dark chocolate can ease stress too since I have eaten it while reviewing for a test back when I was in University.

9. Nose all stuffed up? Use saltwater spray

DIY health tips

Before you go to the local pharmacy and reach for over-the-counter medicine, try a saltwater spray instead. The spray flushes away, irritants, which can cause nasal congestion. If you’re making your spray, use sterile distilled water to avoid contamination by bacteria. Saline solutions are sold over the counter.

Is it weird that I am looking forward to having a stuffed nose so I can try this tip? I am happy that I can do it myself also with just common household items.

10. Get rid of itchy skin with oatmeal

Soak a handful of oatmeal in either half a cup of milk or vinegar. Don’t use both because the vinegar curdles the milk. Wait for half an hour, then rub into the skin.

This one I can attest to. I use an oatmeal mask whenever my skin is irritated, just make sure you don’t move your face that much since it can feel stretched. And please do it in the bathroom to avoid a mess.

Did you find them helpful? Do you know some other health tips which you can share with us? Follow our website for more unusual but helpful health tips and some alternative remedies.


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